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LASIK Eye Surgery Benefits

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iLASIK – The iLASIK laser vision correction procedure exclusively uses an advanced technology called the IntraLase Method. The IntraLase Method is a 100% blade-free approach to creating your corneal flap, the thin flap of tissue that the doctor folds back in order to perform your iLASIK procedure. The IntraLase Method also delivers outstanding visual results – more patients achieve vision that is 20/20 or better when the IntraLase Method is used. And, the reality is that the majority of people who meet the age and general health requirements are in fact good candidates for the iLASIK procedure. Talk to our LASIK consultant today to discuss this procedure and ask questions.

iLASIK Technology Examples

The Advanced Technology of the iLASIK platform

  • VISX Star 4 Excimer Laser with IRIS registration
    The VISX star4 excimer laser is one of the top excimer lasers with superior technology
  • CustomVue™wavefrom technology
    Developed from Hubble telescope technology wavefront expands treatment zones and helps correct higher order aberrations
  • Intralase Blade-FREE laser
    Creates the LASIK flap with a laser instead of blade resulting in a safer LASIK

Some of the benefits of Laser Vision Correction are:

  1. Decreased dependency on glasses or contacts
  2. Ability to get up a GO!
  3. Convenience with travel
  4. No hassle with contact solutions
  5. Clear, natural vision
  6. Major lifestyle advantages with sports
  7. Improved appearance with NO glasses